Dia-GO! Lite, η συμπαγής τσάντα ώμου με σύστημα ψύξης ινσουλίνης

The Dia-Go! Lite a is stylish and compact bag that carries the basic needs for the diabetics such as glucose meter, medication, insulin pens Etc. And next to those probably a phone, a wallet, a passport. To the beach, to the park, to school, to work, hiking and biking.

The Dia-GO! Lite considers that all and includes the Dia-Cool kit to keep your insulin and medication at the right temperature.

You can also have a look at our bigger model, the Dia-Go! and our fanny pack Dia-Go! Easy. All our bags for diabetics include the Τα ψυχόμενα πορτοφόλια ινσουλίνης Dia-Cool kit.

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